He is very professional and help us a lot and treat patients and as well as their relatives as a their family member.
Visited ForBrain Cyst Excision
Explained every aspect of the surgery humble, polite in nature. I will recommend him for further patients.
Visited ForCerebrovascular Surgery
You have done so much for our family. My daughter Falguni and son kedaar were so happy to spend time with mother after surgery at home. This surgery has changed the behaviour of kids displaying maturity. I will always remember your explanation given on 20th oct for operation. Your explanation and confidence convinced me that patient is in good condition and allow to operate. You made me feel confident in worst situation.   Your passion and energy at night 20th 21 st oct was really excellent the best.   You have the best combination of professionalism and caring.   Kate family is obliged and will remain with you with all best wishes.
Visited ForBhupesh Kate / Sangita Kate
Dr. kapil is very polite and very helpful. He is a Very good person and has a lot respect for his patiens. He is well exprience and having a very goodknowledge in this area.I will recommend people to do visit once.
Visited ForSpine Surgery
Doctor kapil khandelwal is wonderful with positive and friendly. This was my second time visit the facility and his very careful. Compassion and thorough.Thank You.
Visited ForNeuro-Oncological Surgery